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Lance Valentine's Signature Series
Trolling Spoons 

Trolling spoons designed specifically for walleye but they work great for salmon and steelhead too!  Lance teamed up with the great folks at Warrior Lures to produce a series of spoons with custom colors that deliver results at any speed.  The unique bends in the Lance Valentine Signature Series trolling spoons allow them to work at trolling speeds of 1 mph for cold water walleye, and up to 4 mph for open water steelhead.    

These are the exact same spoons used every day by the Walleye 101 Team!   If you're just getting started trolling spoons, or are not happy with other spoons on the market today, then give our Lance Valentine Signature Series trolling spoons a try this season!  Made in Michigan

All spoons available in size 3 3/8" and size 2 1/4" (coming soon).  Click on the product image to see details and select your finish (gold, silver, copper).

New COLORS Just Added!  Pick some up today...
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    Ask Lance

    How Can I Learn to Fish Spoons?

    Trolling spoons for walleye during the heat of the summer should be one of your "go to" techniques.  If you already have planer boards and inline weights you can get started on your next trip.  By adding a few inexpensive jet divers or diving disks you will be able to cover the full depth of the water column quickly and easily.   Spoons can be run effectively from 1.4-2.5 MPH and the best part is you cover more ground, and put your lures in front of more fish than with crawler harnesses.  Plus, you're not dealing with white perch and other bait stealers that clean you out and have you fishing with an empty crawler harness for 20 minutes. 

    You can learn all about fishing spoons for walleye in our brand new Spoon Fed Walleye DVD
    Spoon Fed Walleye "How To" Series DVD  

    Lance Valentine teaches you how to catch walleye trolling spoons in Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay.  Learn proper techniques, what equipment you need, and how to effectively set up your boat for maximum results.  Lance will share with you the same techniques he uses to consistently put his charter customers on fish.  Lance Valentine and special guest Mike Steffes from Warrior Lures will teach you more in one hour than you can learn in several years fishing with your buddies.  Catch more walleye when you hit Lake Erie or Saginaw Bay this summer!

    Spoon Fed Walleye DVD - Buy it Now
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