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 Stinger Hook - Tie Your Own 

Stinger hooks will help you catch more walleye. 
Learn to tie your own removable stinger hooks that work great for minnows and plastics.  You should be able to tie your own with a good quality hook for less than 20 cents.  Use the best quality hooks you can afford since many of your fish will come on the stinger early in the year. 

Step-by-Step with Colored Line. Click Photo to See Larger Size Image.  

Step 1 - Hooks and Line               

Start with about a foot of 10lb or 12lb monofilament line.  We prefer a stiffer line to keep the hook properly positioned relative to the bait.  Get a good supply of quality #8 round bend treble hooks.  It's a lot more productive if you tie 20 or 30 of these at one time.  

Step 2 - Attach Hook to Line

Tie the hook to the line with the knot of your preference.  We generally use a snell knot but you can also use a palomar knot.  Here are some diagrams for each type of knot:  Palomar Knot  or Snell Knot

Step 3 - Determine Stinger Length

Tie an overhand knot in the line the length you want your stinger hook to be when finished.  We tie different lengths from 2-4" depending on the size bait we are using.  Experiment to find your preferred stinger hook length.  Once you have the overhand knot tied you will cut the line about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch above the knot.  This is called a tag end and is used to tighten and remove the stinger hook.

Step 4 - Building the Loop

Put the tag end knot in your left hand.  Grab the treble hook with your right hand.  Move the treble hook in a clockwise direction until a loop is formed.  Critical Step: Bring the hook behind the loop and down so it ends up below the loop. Hold the entire set up in your left hand while you grab a jig with your right hand.  This will take a little practice and can be frustrating. 

Step 5 - Attach Stinger Hook to Jig

Here is the trick: pull the line behind the loop through the loop by using the hook of your jig.  Pull slowly and the line will begin to tighten on the jig hook.  You may need to reposition the hook and tag end knot slightly.  Hold the tag end of the line so the overhand knot remains outside the loop as it closes. Once the stinger is attached to the jig simply pull the tag end line to open the loop and remove the stinger from the jig!

Step 6 - Getting Bait and Stinger on the Jig

Once you have removed the stinger hook you can put a plastic bait or a minnow on the hook.  Simply slip the loop of the stinger over the jig hook and pull the treble hook line until the loop closes.  Be careful not to hook yourself with the stinger as you pull the line. Your now ready to fish with your new removable stinger hook!  

Look Like Too Much Work?

Buy our pre-tied removable stinger hooks and use the time to get your boat ready for the next trip!  Buy Now

Lance Valentine's walleye fishing videos will help you put more fish in the boat this year.  The DVD's have been developed to help you learn "How To" fish for walleye or "Where To" fish for walleye. 

"Where To For Walleye" (W2 4W) - This series of DVD's include the "Upper Detroit River", "Lower Detroit River", and "Lake Erie Western Basin".  Lance will show you 20-30 of his favorite "Hot Spots" for each body of water.  These DVD's will put you in the right location and help you concentrate on putting fish in the boat. 

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