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 Lake St Clair Fishing Reports 

Lake St Clair fishing reports for walleye, bass, muskie, and panfish.  Get the latest information from Walleye Kid, local bait shops, guides, and friends.  Fishing reports from both the American and Canadian sides of Lake St Clair.  If you find a good fishing report that we should link to please send me an email so other fisherman can use the information. 

Lakside Fishing Shop
Lakeside is located in St Clair Shores, Michigan near the lake.  They offer tackle, bait and up to date fishing information on Lake St Clair, Detroit River, and Lake Erie. They offer a recorded message by Captain Dan that is updated several times each week.  The recording doesn't always start at the beginning so stay on the line and it will start over.  You can also call the store for the most recent information.  Lakeside can also get you a Canadian fishing license.  They make the trip across the river once per week.  You can even order over the phone and they will mail it to you for a small fee.

Recorded Fishing Report: 586-777-7008
Store Phone: 586-777-7003

Bass Haven - Mitchells Bay Canada
Bass Haven Canada is a fishing camp that has a couple ways to keep you up to date on fishing the Ontario side.  They have a
Fishing Discussion Board that gets good traffic and reporting.  They also have a newsletter that you can have e-mailed to you.  Remember that they do some things backwards over there so posts on the discussion board look like this - September 9th 2010 would be written 2-9-2010.

Michigan Charter Boat Association
Charter boat captians post their fishing reports on the Association website.  There may be several recent reports available depending on the time of year and recent weather conditions.  
Lake St Clair Fishing Report

Lake St Clair. Net
LSCN has a discussion board that includes fishing reports, boating discussions, and more.  Reports are posted by some charter boat captains and recreational anglers.  Reports can get a little lite during the colder months. 
Fishing Forum

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