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 Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report - 2012 

Lake Erie walleye fishing reports - Brest Bay, Fermi, Bolles Harbor, Turtle Island, West Sister Island, Kelleys Island, and Huron Ohio.  The latest information from the Walleye 101 Team, local guides, and bait shops.  The fishing on the Lake Erie goes through a variety of phases throughout the year - check here before you head out.  Remember that the best fishing is not necessarily where you see the biggest pack of boats!   Tight Lines ~ The Walleye 101 Team

November 22, 2012 - Thanksgiving Action

Fishing Report:  Thanksgiving day might have marked the end of the season on Brest Bay.  It was a rough morning that got a lot worse by 11:00AM.  We ended up with four fish on one boat and three fish on the other boat - biggest one was about 6 Lbs. Deep Husky Jerks in purple perch and gold perch took our fish 70 back at a slow 1.1 MPH. There were about 10 boats out on the bay before the wind really kicked up the rollers.  Hopefully this is a brief cold snap and we see some warmer weather but right now that looks like a long shot.  It was a great end to a long fall season.  Hopefully spring gets here early!
November 21, 2012 - Evening Bite

Fishing Report:  Had a chance to get out and fish this afternoon for a few hours.  Picked up a few smaller 18" fish which is great news for next year.  There was a pretty good school of them and even had a couple doubles.  Guys that fished early in the day said there was pretty good action up until 11:30 then it slowed down until afternoon.  Same program as the last few days except the fish were higher up in the water column late in the day and 30-40 back on the Husky Jerks did the trick.  Wind will be kicking up tomorrow and then the cold hits....
November 20, 2012 - Brest Bay Limits

Fishing Report: The action continues to be strong on Brest Bay in 19-23 FOW.  The cloudy water straight out from Sterling State Park is holding the most fish and bait.  Not much action in the super clear water further out.  Reef Runners and Husky Jerks 50-70 back in Fire Tiger worked for us today.  Water temp was 45 degrees.  Get out and enjoy this great, late season action - looks like it all ends on Friday based on the current forecast.
November 18, 2012 - Brest Bay Update

Fishing Report: Late season walleye fishing is going strong in Brest Bay right now.  Light winds and warm weather have the fish feeding consitetly for the past several days.  Most boats are picking up several fish in the 3-6lb class with a few up to 11lbs.  The area straight out from Sterling State Park in 17-22 FOW has been the most conssitent producer.  Deep diving husky jerks and deep diving reef runners have produced lots of fish.  The husky jerks seem to be producing better right now.

Water is cleaning up nicely and is a good greenish color right now - perfect for trolling. Get out and enjoy the awesome weather that's coming up through Thanksgiving!

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November 17, 2012 - Brest Bay Fishing Report - Walleye Kid

Fishing Report: Great day out on Lake Erie today.  Fished with my Grandpa and Dad today and ended up with 10 really nice fish before noon.  Biggest 5 weighed 33 pounds.  The hot bait was perch colored husky jerks 70 back at 1.5-1.7 MPH. Picked up a couple on a mix of other colors as well, (blue, pink, silver).   We fished south of the big pack towards the three smoke stacks in 19-20 FOW.  There is some cloudy water straight out from Sterling State Park and the fish seem to be in that stained water.  Once we moved into the clean water the marks disappeared and so did the bite.  Water temp was 44 degrees.

November 16, 2012 - Brest Bay Fishing Report - Walleye Kid

Fishing Report: First time out in about 10 days today.  Water got a little muddy compared to yesterday based on what some of the guys were saying that fished Thursday.  We started out dragging reef runners which was a mistake.  Once we swithched over to husky jerks the action picked up.  Our best program was 60-70 back at 1.5 mph in the dirty water.  Perch and Pink caught most of the fish.
November 14, 2012 - Still Producing
Mid week reports show the fishing is still good even after all that rain and wind. 

Chinjabber 11/14/2012
Fishing Report:  Brest Bay. Went 6 for 7 today with a 26 and 27 incher.  Best area was in 19fow using husky jerks 20 to 50 back at about 1.4mph. We also talked to a guy at the ramp who had his limit of 6 who was fishing more on the southern side of the bay not far from us and he said 45-50 back was best.
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Noverber 9, 2012 - Good Perch Bite - Walleye Kid

Started out fishing for walleye in Brest Bay but the weeds were too much to deal with.  Moved out to Buoy #2 at the start of the Raisin River channel. Fished about 200 yards north of the buoy and the action was pretty strong the last couple hours of the day.  One line was all you could manage and lots of doubles.  Green blades did the trick on the spreader but I'm sure any color would have worked fine.

Guys that were out earlier in the day and didn't mind cleaning weeds every two minutes actually caught some nice fish.
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2012 Lake Erie Outlook

The Ohio DNR has just issued their 2012 fishing forecast for Lake Erie.  Check it out and lets see how well they predict how the season will end up. 

Read the 2012 Ohio DNR Lake Erie Forecast


Lance Valentine Interview
Ready to catch a bunch of fish on Lake Erie in 2012?  Just got off the phone with Lance Valentine to get his perspective on what's in store for Lake Erie anglers.  Lance said, "Lake Erie is on fire despite all the talk of the lake being 'in trouble' versus past seasons".  The bottom line is Turtle Island will fire up first in late March, the Islands and Reefs will follow in April, Breast Bay with explode in May and June, and of course Huron will be the top destination for trophy fish anywhere in the country in November.   The 2003 class will have numerous 6-9 lb fish available (even bigger in spring and fall).  Lance went on to say "...people need to understand that this is a big lake and the fish are always on the move.  The best advice is don't put a line in the water until you see fish on your sonar"  Get Lance's new DVD's on Spoon Fed Walleye and Lake Erie Western Basin Hotspots.  Buy now
New Satellite Website
Check out this cool new site we found for maps of the river and other loactions.  I have zoomed in on one of our favorite Detroit River spots along the golf course.  You can zoom in and out with the control on the right side of the page.  Lets go...

A Great Success Story!
Here is a great reason why you should pick up one of Lance Valentines "How to for Walleye" DVD's or his "Where to for Walleye" DVD's.  What a great story and a cool picture!  Congratulations Dave and Mark!

"Thanks Lance, your upper Detroit river hot spots DVD is responsible for one of the greatest fishing experences I have ever had. As we boated fish, B-Ball fans cheered and took our pics."

God bless you, thanks Dave & Mark!

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