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 Walleye 101 Fishing Education Center 

The “Fishing Education Center presented by Lance Valentine’s Walleye 101” is the first of its kind seminar booth.  Created to help anglers for all species gather information, learn techniques, sample tackle, attend mini seminars, ask questions and get hands-on advice, the Fishing Education Center will be the “must see” booth at the shows.  Fishing Education Center Locations 

Walleye 101 founder Lance Valentine is excited about the upcoming show season.  “Ten years ago we started Walleye 101 with the idea of educating anglers on how to actually catch more fish.  This Fishing Education Center was always a goal, and what a great feeling to see it comes to life after all these years of hard work.” 

Unlike an ordinary boat show booth with one company or product, the Fishing Education Center will be filled not only with multiple products, but activities as well.  “We have some of the best people in the business bringing their expertise to the Education Center.  Traxstech will be on hand to solve any boat rigging questions an angler may have, Warrior Lures with custom spoon and spinner blades, Big Papa Sportfishing will have the highest quality in boat control and tackle storage bags and well as custom embroidered clothing, Big Bite Lures will be offering custom plastics designed with Lance for fishing the heavy current of the Detroit River, Sunline fishing line, Gill Rainwear and others have joined in to make our Center a full blown tackle pro shop.”

Even though tackle vendors will be on hand, Valentine stated the real goal of the Education Center is to educate anglers.  “Our main focus always has been education and this Center will be no different.  Our mission is to be sure you have the tools and knowledge to catch fish every time you go out regardless of the conditions.  We have been sharing this information in our seminars for years, and the Education Center is a natural progression in reaching more people at one time, in one place.”

Hands on information will be available at the Center, and don’t think it’s only about the walleye.  “Our vendor partners have great knowledge in fishing for other species and they work with some great anglers who will be here to share what they know.  Salmon, musky, bass, panfish-you name it-we will have someone here to help you with it.  And be sure to bring your questions!  There will be somebody available to help with any questions you may have from boat rigging, to rod selection, to tying crawler harnesses and rigging presentations, even electronics.”

One of the main features of the Fishing Education Center will be the Electronics Learning Center or ELC.  “Over the years I have come across so many anglers who struggle with their electronics, be it a sonar, gps or combo unit” stated Valentine.  “The ELC will help everyone who needs help, whether you are using new or older units.  We will have units set up for hands-on teaching and want people to ask questions.  Using your electronics well is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start catching more fish and we are looking forward to helping anglers learn the basics and all the advanced tricks we know.  Also, we will have all the major lake mapping chips on display so anglers can pick the right one for where they fish.”

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