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Detroit River Overview
Get all the information to plan your trip to the Detroit River. Boat ramps, guides, tips, equipment, and more....
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 Detroit River Walleye Fishing Report - 2014 

Detroit River walleye fishing report - Trenton Channel, Wyandotte, Steel Mills, Ren Cen, Roostertail, and more.  The latest information from the Walleye 101 Team, Walleye Kid, local guides, and bait shops.  The fishing on the Detroit River changes every day so check here before you head out to the river.  Remember that the best fishing is not necessarily where you see the biggest pack of boats!     
Tight Lines ~ The Walleye 101 Team 

We Have The Answer....
Send us your Detroit River fishing report: Please be specific with location, depth of water, jig color, etc. More info will help everyone have a great day on the water!


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Date:  4-16-13

Trip Time:  2:00 to 7:00

Body of Water  detroit river

Surface Temp:  41

Wind Direction:  nw

Wave Height:  minimal

How many fish:  1

Biggest fish:  26"

Lure:  1 oz jig

Color:  gold

Feet Back:  jigging

Other Comments:  got one large male just south of wyandotte golf coarse lost 2 more. wind was a challenge!

Great start to the week! Ended w 13 fish with 4 over 28" including a 12.8 lber that was released. 3/4 oz fire tiger jigs w/camo worm caught most of the fish. Fish came from 2 rocks, great lakes steel and the Army Corp.

Charles B

Date:  4/15/13

Trip Time:  morning

Body of Water  dertoit river

Area (known as):  steel mill

Surface Temp:  42.5

Water Color:  cloudy

Water Clarity:  10 inches

Wind Direction:  east

Wave Height:  none

How many fish:  10 fish in 4 hours

Biggest fish:  13 1/2 lbs

Lure:  1/2 oz jig from lighthouse bait

Color:  chartruse and Orange

Other Comments:  felt bad keeping the 13 1/2 lber but it will look great on my wall.

Captain Lance

April 10th morning charter was a huge success and we caught 20 fish before the rain came.  Had 6 fish over 26" including Steve's personal best at 11 lb 2 oz! Best presentation was a 1 oz Firetiger jig with a camo Thump! worm.  Big fish all came from 15-18 fow at Army Corp, River rogue, Great Lakes Steel and 2 rocks.  Great trip!!

04/07/2013 - Brian M

Trip Time:  7am

Body of Water  d river

Area (known as):  candy canes

Best Spots:  12 to17 fow

Surface Temp:  41

Water Clarity:  fairly clear

Wind Direction:  sw to w

Wave Height:  1to2

How many fish:  14

Biggest fish:  9 lb male

Lure:  3/5 oz

Color:  chartreuse

Other Comments:  Lots of nice fish caught in tc

04/09/2013 - Captain Lance

Ended up w 18. Most between 18-24". Had a 8lber and a 9lber. Caught fish in lots of spots including great lakes steel, two rocks, army Corp, and the red bouys at Wyandotte. Chartreuse jigs w camo worm and 3" pearl/blue bio mino were the most productive.

04/07/2013 - Captain Lance Fishing Report
No Fish, 35 mph winds. Got blown off the river.

04/06/2013 - Captain Paule Doute

Strong ESE winds made for a long morning on the water. Bite was slow but we still had a great day cutting up and laughing with the Cowhy group. We had plenty of cold, wind and waves on the Detroit River. We managed to land 5 walleye and lost a real nice fish at the boat. Fished the channel edges and mid depth flats from Mudd Island to Libra Marina. Chartreuese jig with a brown took most of our fish. Wind ESE 15 to 20mph; water clarity clean to stained; water temp - cold! Here is a picture of Troy with a couple of nice ones from our morning charter.

Captain Lance Valentine - 04/05/13 Afternoon Trip

Day one on the Detroit River is in the books! Went 9 for 11 with 3 over 30". Pier 500 area in 23-25 fow. 1 oz chartreuse and firetiger Thump! Jigs with camo Thump worms and 4" emerald shiner bio minos stingers were a must!

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